Welcome to Inspire to Heal.  My name is Kathi Jo DeBaker creator of Inspire to Heal located in Northeast WI.   I am a Reiki Master and member of the International Center for Reiki.  I am a Bio Energy healer which involves healing the energy centers and Aura of the body.  I also perform Emotion Decoding using my intuition I track and release blocked emotions. I am also a natural born Spirit Communicator and Spiritual teacher known as Medium Kathi Jo here in my community.

I offer a variety of workshops monthly at my studio located inside the main studio of “Light Minded People” where I help educate individuals on energy, silent therapy, mindfulness and healing.

I am a Certified Medium through author Mark Ireland and with my natural gift of hearing and sensing Spirit,  I am able to connect you to your loved ones in Heaven by bringing forth powerful evidence such as dates, personalities, names and events taking place in your daily life to prove that your departed loved one or loved ones exist and continue to be very much a part of your journey here in the physical world.  My Bio can be found at https://www.findacertifiedmedium.com/

I am able to validate existence of those in Spirit to help promote healing, bring peace and assist with all stages of grief and to minimize suffering and loneliness.  “those in Spirit do not suffer and are very eager to communicate to assist with all healing of the bereaved, we are never truly alone”  —Medium Kathi Jo