Raise the energy

The number one lesson Spirit has taught me is to RAISE my energy.  What does this mean on a spiritual plane?   Release judgment, fear, anger, hate, perfection, sadness, grief, revenge: I think you are starting to “get the picture”.  When we come from a place of perfection, or judgment we are in a place of FEAR.

There are only 2 truest emotions;  Fear or Love.   All other emotions are secondary based on being in a place of FEAR or LOVE.  To begin a Spiritual practice we need to Raise the Energy.

Practice this technique

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take in a deep cleansing breath
  3. Hold for 2 seconds and release the breath
  4. (Repeat 2 and 3) count in your thought 1 thru 10 with the inhale of breath
  5. Slowly open your eyes

Congratulations:  you just raised your energy

Medium Kathi Jo

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